Appreciation of our work…

I have now worked with Mark on two projects; the first was to transfer the operation of Solihull and Dorridge stations to another operator and the second, which is ongoing to review the opening hours and staffing arrangements at our ticket offices.

Mark’s communication skills are well honed and he is currently leading our internal working group. This consists of cross representatives of the business that have varying knowledge and experience of project working. Mark’s leadership and facilitation of this group ensures that clear direction is delivered either in peoples specific area of expertise or cross functionally. Dependencies are highlighted so that group members understand the implications on the wider project of their area of delivery. This also needs skill in terms of avoiding potential conflict that such needs can bring.

In my dealings with Mark he has always displayed a high level of professionalism which is imperative when joining an established group of people and needing to engender joint working within a short timescale project.

Mark brings a range of tools and techniques and provides the focus on the process so that those involved can focus on the content of delivery. He projects a confidence and competence in both.

Mark is ensuring that we don’t lose sight of the original business objectives and the business case, that our review is based upon, and making sure that risks are identified that may impact on either or both of these elements.”

– Richard Brooks, Commercial Director at London Midland Trains

Mark has been a very valued member of the Stratford Parkway project team. Highly organised, professional and courteous; Mark has the ability to get things done and in the time needed. Mark has a wealth of knowledge relating to the delivery of projects and not only in the field of new rail infrastructure. I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone looking for a proven & experienced project manager.

– John Harvey, Senior Transport Planner, Warwickshire County Council

Can I say how much I appreciate all the excellent work which you did for me (in my role as Projects Director) whilst working with me at Chiltern Railways.
There are two areas that stand out particularly:

1. Your absolute attention to detail in ensuring that every aspect of project delivery was properly managed in the delivery of the award winning Moor Street Station project.
2. Your ability to build up excellent working relationships with our internal clients at Chiltern Railways, in such away that the delivery & ultimate handover of the projects was a complete success.

I wish you every success and would be happy to act as a referee at any stage.

– Rob Brighouse, Projects Director, Chiltern Railways

Mark comes with my highest recommendation. Really thorough yet with a can-do attitude, Mark provides both a safe pair of hands as well as a dynamic set. Anyone who needs any further detail should feel free to contact me via LinkedIn.

– Rob Whight, Director – Projects Delivery, John Laing Projects & Developments

Mark was a very thorough and versatile leader and manager of projects and people. He has a good commercial mind, establishes good relationships and achieves excellent results.

– Howard Chick, Director of Project Delivery, John Laing

Having worked with Mark since 2004, I can recommend him for his drive to see projects through whilst paying attention to detail. Mark’s subtle yet committed approach makes him a good team player and has made it both enjoyable and rewarding to work with him. I wish him every success with Right Results Project Management Ltd.

– Adrian Groves, Director, Project Solutions

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